Surfer Girl

I did it! I actually surfed!!! Surf instructor Alfredo even said I was good. I told him I thought he said it to all the girls. He said he didn´t bull***t his clients. So what am I to do but believe him. (Smiles).

Boarded the open air truck from down town SJDS and headed out to the northern beach, Playa Marsella, for the ¨beginner waves¨. One thing I´ve noticed on all these open air trucks, jeeps and buses I´ve merrily boarded without question — the driver ALWAYS wears his seatbelt. Probably just in case an ox cart appears out of nowhere…

But never mind the passengers. Let them hang off the back or sit on stools or crowd as many bodies as will fit in whatever tiny space…just for god´s sake, make sure the driver is securely buckled in.

Alfredo gave four of us — Anna, Hannah and Katerina from Austria and me — an hour long dry land lesson. I can totally see how surfing and yoga are connected. Surf stance is basically warrior two. I thought my snow boarding prowess would serve me well in this situation, and it did in a sense, and while the stance is similar, the trick is to put your balance and weight forward on the board. Paddle, lift the upper body, knee forward along the centre line, other foot forward at a 45 degree angle, back foot at 90 degrees, bum out, front arm straight ahead (doesn’t matter what you do with the back arm, you can wave it, you can let it hang down, whatever) watch where you want to go. Simple right? Ummm…not as hard as I thought it might be to get up, but with only one lesson under my belt, maybe I´m ready for the big time….

The truly excellent news it that I didn’t lose my bikini bottoms EVER, even when I got slammed under water. 🙂 Dignity still in check!

Salt water helps wounds heal
Salt water helps wounds heal

To avoid the temptation of becoming a beach bum, I set out tomorrow for Granada, trading surf boards for colonial architecture and a decadent day by a pool of massages, manicure, pedicure and facial. Just in time too — surfing is murder on one´s pedicure.

Willie Nelson might have been excited to get “on the road again”, but clearly he never road a chicken bus through Nicaragua with his butt firmly wedged between the back of the seat and the base of the seat, which isn´t actually attched to anything, more like gingerly laid on the metal seat skeleton, next to a sleeing woman so old that it was a toss up as to whether she was just deeply asleep or actually…dead. But I suppose better than sitting next to the woman who´d bought enough fish (in the mid day sun) to feed an army.

Let the spine-jarring travels begin again!

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