OMG. Just OMG.

I am in San Juan del Sur. I´m sure it´s beautiful, but I can´t see it through the fog of exhaustion.

For the past 8 hours, I have been the only gringa on an endless series of buses and relying almost entirely on the kindness of people who speak not a word of my language, and I having only the most tenuous grasp of theirs.

Bus stations are chaotic places full of many, many smells. And people trying to sell everything. (I did cave for popcorn…yum! and only C$3 or something like 15 cents.) The short version: left Leon at about 10 am. Arrived in San Juan del Sur at 6 pm. I have eaten precious little today, and have drunk even less in fear of having to use what I can only imagine would be a horrifying bus station bathroom. While wearing flip flops.
In the interim:
Taxi from ViaVia hostel to Bus Station C$20
Express bus from Leon to Managua C$51
Express bus from Managua to Jinotepe C$30
Collectivo bus from Jinotepe to Rivas C$30 (also including a two hour wait in the bus station)
Collectivo bus from Rivas to San Juan del Sur C$16

Total: about $7 or $8 or a cup of Starbucks and a TTC ticket.
Actual price paid: my sanity and ability to think straight. Best part of today: my luggage survived being strapped to the top of a collectivo bus. I kind of thought I might never see it again, or might see it bouncing along side the bus. The bus being the oldest school bus I’ve ever been on.

From the back of the bus…

All I want know is to find comfort food — a pizzaeria. I am unduly excited that my hole room comes with a tiny tv. Feet up. Brain off.

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