Bienvenudos Nicaragua

Slept brilliantly last night. Last year I tossed and turned the night before I left, but not this year. I fell much more centred and comfortable this time, because I – sort of — know what to expect. Or so I think…

It’s been a year, and I’m back!

I´m here in Managua now, again at Hotel la Pyramide, have had dinner and a Tona and time to think.


The plane trip was interesting. We left Toronto a few minutes late, but some how made up the time in the air and landed in El Salvador at 2:03. I had less than 30 minutes to get on my next plane before it left. It was literally the fastest dash I´ve ever made through an airport. And did I mention I was, naturally, wearing heals?

When we were on board the flight to El Salvador, the pilot ran through the boarding gates of all the connecting flights prior to landing — so I´m prepared.

Then I get out of the plane and see my boarding pass has a different gate number on it. And I look at the tv monitor and that one has yet another gate listed. So there end up being 5 of us hauling through the airport to the very last and farthest gate away. Someone said, this is like the Amazing Race.

I get through the boarding gate, down the hallway, down the stairs…and out the door. The guy on the tarmac is saying Honduras to the left Nicaragua to the right. I go to the right. And generally I have a hard time distinguishing left and right, so I could have just as easily ended up in Honduras. And I look at the plane that I’m boarding from the tarmac. It´s the smallest plane I´ve ever been on seats I think. Twin engine prop. I hold my breath. We rattle to a start and we do actually make it off the ground.

TACA, despite having tiny planes and planes where the electrical panel in the onboard restroom is held together with 2 bandages, does know how to treat their passengers. One delicious hot meal on the way to El Salvador, one delicioud tuna croissant with mixed nuts on the way to Nicaragua. And it appeared the on board liquor was complimentary. I didn´t have any. Because I´m cheap, and usually you have to pay…

Truly my biggest fear was that my luggage wouldn´t make the half hour plane changeover and that I´d stuck with only the stuff in my carry on, which wasn´t nearly enough hair product. Happily it made it to Nica on time.

Interesting sight of the day — guy on back of horse drawn cart, which is by the way travelling down a very busy highway, chatting on his cell phone. Old World, may I introduce you to New World.

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