It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Super Chica!

And I have the bruises to prove it! I was the only person on the canopy zip-line tour this morning, but Carlos and Nestor took very good care of me and didn’t let me fall even once! The harness was so tight around my waist that I have a “bruise belt” that will definitely be a point of conversation the next time I’m wearing a bathing suit!

I am not a zip-line newbie, having done it before in Costa Rica. But apparently in Costa Rica there are rules. In Nicaragua, the only rule is that there are no rules!


So I get in the tour van this morning. And no one else on the van is doing just the canopy tour, the rest of them are hiking then zipping. So it’s just me and the two guides — Nestor, who thankfully speaks English and is able to give me the proper instructions, and Carlos, who speaks not a word of English, but who speaks Spanish slowly enough that I make out basically what he’s saying, including that I should keep my ankles together and not kick him as he’s catching me at the end of a platform — no mas ninos! (no more babies!) Got it. Don’t kick Carlos.

They give me a helmet.  They give me gloves. They strap me into the harness (tightly!). 17 platforms in total, multiple bridges. The first time is easy, go straight ahead, brake at the end. No problemo. Then they ask if I want to do tricks. Sure! Because in Costa Rica you can’t do any tricks. Nica is a whole new ballgame. Upside down. Superman. Spinning, Backwards. Bouncing. One platform you basically run off the end into nothing, kind of like bungee jumping, but not so high up, the the zip line catches and you speed over the forest floor. (I learned I won’t be bungee jumping any time soon…)


Nestor took lots of photos, pointed out interesting bugs (read BIG), let me chew on a coffee bean (tastes sort of like chocolate), took photos of birds and told me about trees, including, fittingly for today, the Love Tree. (Happy Valentine’s Day!) I look like a dunce in most of the photos, but when you see them, think She’s having a great time! Rather than, Why does she look like a blithering idiot?

Going to try to catch the boat tour this afternoon, the one that got cancelled on me yesterday — if nothing else, here I’m learning to just “go with the flow”… (the lava flow that is…I did that adventure last night…but that’s another story…)

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