Who thought THIS was a good idea?!

The great Central American invention, affectionately known as the suicide shower.

Suicide shower. Don't change the settings while under the spray.
Suicide shower. Don’t change the settings while under the spray.

Everywhere has a shower. Not everywhere has a shower with hot water. To create hot water an electric heater is affixed (duct taped) to the top of the shower head. I remember being taught that electricity and water don’t mix… perhaps it’s best not to touch the shower head while the water is running. And wear rubber shower shoes.
Have had shower. Still alive. Day 2.

Slept like a log last night. Its a bit muggy but not stinking hot yet. Because I hardly slept the night before I left, last night I had dinner, took a beer up to my room and watched an hour of some english language TV and fell into a deep sleep. After a lovely breakfast of fruit, juice (passionfruit maybe) and 2 cups of coffee, I’m ready to figure out the mini bus system that will get me to Leon today. It’ll be about $2 and 1.25 hours to get there. Money and passport safely stowed in the moneybelt around my waist.

Great score – in the book exchange I found a hardback copy of a book I wanted to bring with me but was too cheap to buy. So now my reading material is covered for the trip. I will leave something in return.

Leaving you with this — although this is an excellent hotel, highly recommended on trip advisor, and one where you have to ring the bell and get let in by security, I guess some things always need to be spelled out. Sign on the back of my hotel room door For your and the other guests safety no visitors or prostitutes as permitted in the rooms. Okay. Duly noted. And done.

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