Hola from Managua

I have arrived! I’m on a solo trip around Nicaragua — the plan is to visit Leon and Granada.

Made it through three airports, three security checks and rush hour traffic and am safely at Hotel La Pyramid, which, by the way, does indeed look like a pyramid. I am in the Isis room.
021 020
Its very clear that I need to pick up a little bit more Spanish, but so far smiling and saying gracias seems to be working.

Miami was okay for the 1.5 hours I was there, except that it was overcast and not at all sunny. I did however get to purchase a beer at a kiosk in the airport, she poured it into a Coke cup and said I could drink it anywhere. So I had a beer in the departures lounge. That is after she asked me for age ID. Absolutely, I said 🙂 happy!

Best thing about Nicaragua customs…the entry health form asked if I was suffering from a variety of maladies from a sore throat and dizziness to decay. Decay of what?? I said no to be safe.

Am about to having dinner and a well deserved beer.

Tomorrow I get the shuttle bus to Leon. More from there. Adios!!

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