If the Shoe Fits

Oh those red lacquered soles of my dreams (Pantone 18-1663 TPX if anyone is keeping track). As a shoe gal, I’ve worshiped from afar and lusted after a pair of those stiletto shoes, imagining the prowess and presence they would give to me. But I’ve never had the bravado to waltz into a store, select a Louboutin and ask the shop gal for one in my size.

Until now.

Because in Vegas, no one knows if you’ve just hit the jackpot and really DO have $1,000 burning a hole in your pocketbook, yearning to be traded for a pair of those magical, fairy tale shoes.

I wasn’t permitted to take a photo in the store. The security guard in the photo was not a gentleman with whom to be trifled.


(Apologies for the quality of this photo. It was actually quite dark in the forum shops and I had to stand back from the shop.)

And you know, there’s no point waxing poetic after a pair of shoes only to find they’re pinch-y. Or make your feet look fat/stubby/wide.

Head held high with the knowledge I had the means to pay for them in full and in cash (I do have a degree in theatre, after all), I selected a pair to try on.

You never forget your first time.

I tried these beauties on…

Christian Louboutin Women Almine Sling 120Mm Black Glitter - Black/Gold
Christian Louboutin Women Almine Sling 120Mm Black Glitter – Black/Gold

And these ones…

CL-Christian-Louboutin-Altadama-140mm-Peep-Toe-Pumps-NudeAnd my heart was broken. Not because I couldn’t afford them (which technically I can’t… and pay my mortgage this month)…

Because my feet are (sniff) too wide. They give me foot muffin top.

I am devastated.

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