Packing for Las Vegas…or Sins I’m Already Committing

Las Vegas. Sin City. Disneyland for adults. Las Vegas is mythic and epic. Glamorous and glittery. If there was ever a time to toss the “how to use two scarves to make the same outfit look different day after day” mindset… this Is it.

There are very few places in the world where you can reasonably lounge by the pool, go shopping at some of the world’s priciest boutiques, dine in a five-star restaurant, see a legend in concert, and ride a Ferris wheel at midnight, cocktail in hand all in the same day.

So one pair of shoes just ain’t gonna cut it.

1. Backpacks over Suitcases

Normally I’m a backpack kind of gal. My MEC 45L Supercontinent pack has taken me comfortably to a lot of places, including the posh Intercontinental Hotel in Toronto (the bell man was unsure how to assist “Madam” with her luggage… I slung it over my shoulder). Because I have some fancier clothes that I don’t want to roll (packing sin…you really do get more in when you roll), and several pairs of shoes, I’m going with a spinner wheelie bag. It’s still carry on sized so I won’t need to check it. Take that Air Canada! You get your extra $25 from someone else!

More luxe than backpack.

2. What to Wear: Mix and Match

Granted, it’s only four days…but the possible adventures are endless. So I packed in outfits. Nothing necessarily “goes” with anything else…although really, doesn’t sparkle go with everything in Las Vegas? It may only be a four day trip, but there is the distinct possibility of four outfit changes per day (gym, pool, daytime sightseeing, evening ensemble). That’s 16 possible looks. Plus accessories.


3. Three Pairs of Shoes, Max.

Conventional packing wisdom dictates no more than three pairs of shoes are necessary for a trip of any length. These are also the same people who claim they don’t pack heels. Excuse me?? (Actually, I always break this packing commandment). And I’m breaking it hard this time. (Not shown…gym shoes)


4. Choose Products that Multi-Task

Shave your legs with hair conditioner! Mascara, sunscreen and lip gloss are all you need to enhance that ‘travel glow’! Vaseline – lip balm and make up remover in one!

Las Vegas is the kind of place that variously cries out for luminizing powder, bronzer, lashes, a bold lip or a smokey eye. Who am I to ignore those cries?


And yet…it all fits! One carry on, one personal item (that will double as a pool bag and also contains the day to night handbag I’ll be using…so it can’t be said I didn’t bring multi-tasking items after all…hazzah!)

WP_20150524_001[1]5. Leave Room for Souvenirs

Admittedly, this is one packing sin I really and truly committed. I didn’t leave much room for treasures…but I hope my travel companion did! 🙂

Have I forgotten anything?

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  1. We’ll talk about space… granted your bag doesn’t weigh 10 lbs to start with, unlike Air Canada’s “Branded Carry-on” :S

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