So I Kind of Got Hit by a Car…

So I kind of got hit by a car… but I’d like to stress that I’m perfectly fine. And it’s not perfectly fine in the Don’t let the woman with the head injury make the decisions kind of way. I’m really okay.

Here’s the thing… the streets are very narrow. The sidewalks are similarly very narrow. One walks on and off the sidewalk constantly to avoid knocking into poles, other pedestrians, dogs, or stepping over voids in the sidewalk. But it wasn’t even the case. I got hit while walking on the sidewalk.

It happened like this… the sidewalk is extra narrow, the street is extra narrow, I am on the outer side of the sidewalk, the taxi is close to the curb… and all of a sudden, the taxi side mirror is hitting me in the arm.

I pulled my arm in, the cabbie probably didn’t even notice he grazed me, an I have only a slightly bruised sensation where we made contact.

So I am fine. The cab is also definitely fine.

I may take a wider street home tomorrow…

Not the exact taxi in question, but a reasonable facsimile.
Not the exact taxi in question, but a reasonable facsimile.

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  1. Same arm that looked like it had been through a cheese grater after volcano boarding in Nicaragua? Most people bring home souvenirs…. you…. scars. You always were kind of different…….
    Glad you are ok.

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