She Swims with the Fishes!

…and the manta rays! And because I don’t have an underwater camera, you’ll just have to believe me when I say I saw not one but two of these slightly elusive, mainly harmless creatures.

Not my photo, thank you to the photographer… who ever you are.

Today’s trip to the Isla Rosario with Diving Planet more than made up for yesterday’s disappointment. We boarded a fast boat to the islands, a protected natural coral reef environment about 1 hour from Cartagena and a world away. I was the only snorkeler along with 5 other divers. Happy to brag… the snorkelers were the only ones to see the manta rays! Snorkeling today was a lot like being in a very big salt water aquarium… although not quite as bright. Schools of blue and black fish, striped and spotted and everything in between, danced their perfectly in sync dance around us while we quietly became part of the habitat.

Of course the silence also has its advantages…since my guide couldn’t speak English and my Spanish is rudimentary when it comes to all things aquatic… like how to say snorkeling, for example.

Later, while the divers did another dive on the other side of the island, my snorkel guide and I swam through a mangrove lagoon, home to a million almost microscopic fish, and plants that snap shut when you brush by them. Very cool, but admittedly the water was a little murky, making it hard to see too far in front of me.

Again, totally not my photo… or my boat for that matter. But once again thank you to the photographer.
Sittin’ on the dock of the bay…


Finally, a photo with me in it!
Finally, a photo with me in it

Salt in my hair + wind from the boat ride home = tangled disaster. Even though I knew it would happen, the question remains… did I bring enough conditioner to fix this mess? Or is a head shaving the only thing that will work? If I’m bald on the beach tomorrow, you’ll now how that worked out. 😉

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  1. Ok my dear friend. I…. am….. an….. idiot. I have been waiting and waiting for days for an email notification telling me that you updated your blog (thinking you have been too busy, no internet access etc)…. Finally, today (because its time for Friday night phone cocktails….) I thought “that’s it, now I’m worried.” and came onto the site to send you a pleading message. And, alas…. there they are in all their glory… five posts! So here they are, five responses:
    5. Sounds like an awesome snorkel. I would have so been into today’s adventure. And…. with the amount of travelling you do, you should get an underwater camera…. When you get back, I’m taking you to Costco baby!
    4. Getting dissed by an Aussi…. that sucks. As for the heat, well your body must be going through a bit of a shock, going from -15 to sizzling. Hope you have climatized a bit more now.
    3. LOVE the door knockers! Keep taking pictures of those. Would make a nice collage in a frame.
    2. Good score on the double seater! I would have never thought to go to the counter to ask. Well done my friend!
    1. Overnighter in Lauderdale….. The anticipation must have been killing you. Shoulda called Mama and Papa Kunkel! They would have come and kept you company LOL. They may have even taught you their new card game! When you sent me a quick email, I thought you were on a quick stop over, not on a delayed layover…. but at least you didn’t have a tight timeline upon arrival in Colombia.
    And…. for future reference, I have now checked the box to alert me via email for new posts 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about the next adventure.

    1. Amanda, I love you, even if you ARE a bit slow on the uptake… ?

      Am having a great time, beach tomorrow for some chilling out and tanning. Can’t complain…there’s definitely no snow here!

  2. I can only imagine what the snorkeling was like! What great memories you are collecting while on your travels. As for the hair, I am sure you’ll get the tangles out. You are nothing but resourceful!

  3. Looking as lovely as ever! My envy goes to you over the manta rays – that must have been an amazing scene! Miss you, dear, have fun tomorrow!

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