Gracias a Dios indeed

I am sweating in Leon…which is of course what I wanted and was hoping for. Heaven!

I left Hotel La Pyramid in a nice taxi driven by Jose Angel, Bob Marley on the radio. He spoke English and a tiny bit of French. First conversation I’ve had since arriving where I actually felt like I knew exactly what we were talking about. REALLY wish I hadn´t left my spanish phrase book at home.

So Jose Angel got me safely to the bus station near the UCA and I piled into a minibus with about 20 other people. Next time I get asked if I want to sit in the front or the back, I will choose the back. Seat belt. No. Sticker on the windscreen Gracias a Dios. Check. This should turn out just fine…

The driver was pretty good and we had only one little blip which involved the transport trailer in front of us hitting his brakes so hard they smoked. It´s quite exhilarating to be in a vehicle passing 4 or 5 other vehicles, including horse and buggy, gas truck, truck with day labourers, you get the picture.

Oh yeah, if you were wondering who buys all the white vechicles every car manufacturer produces, I can now tell you. Central Americans. If they have a vechicle, you can pretty much guess that it´s white and very shiny.

The microbus trip also got me thinking. I´m pretty sure it´s not a nuclear bomb that will end life as we know it on earth. It´s bits of plastic. Plastic bags are literally everywhere. As far as the eye can see. As well as more plastic bits and pieces. This country is drowing in it.

If someone wanted to open a recycling plant in Nicaragua, they could be rich.

After 1.75 hours or so we pulled into the bus station in Leon. I get out of the microbus and I´m surrounded by guys yelling in Spanish, wanting to take me to my hotel. I chose the pedicab, an open air taxi driven by a guy on a bike. He tried valiantly to chat with me, but of course I speak only poco espanol, so it was a losing battle. The trip cost me $20 Cordobas, which is about $1. I overpaid… the going rate is $15C but the guy was on a bike and it´s stinking humid. I figured he deserved it.

The Lion of Leon
The Lion of Leon

Checked into Via Via, had a beer and lunch. Then went out for a wander around the city. I have ZERO sense of direction. Nada. I did get lost, a little, but kept my wits about me and just decided to keep wandering until I got back to the hostel. Must admit I´m a teensy bit proud of myself.

Also negotiated the Supermercado. Wandered the aisles like any other woman after work. Lots of familiar products but in odd packaging. Mayonnaise in a squeeze bag anyone?

Tomorrow is volcano boarding day. I leave at 1:00 pm to throw myself down the side of a volcano. Seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do!

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